Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful Mother's out there.

It's Mother's Day and although I wish I was out relaxing somewhere like I usually do on Mother's Day, I'm home sick w/the boys. I have strep throat and Konnor has had a fever off and on for the last 4 days. We spent hours in Urgent Care on Thursday and have just been trying to rest and recooperate. Kevin spent his own few hours in Urgent Care as well on Tuesday...after a fall down the stairs and fracturing his toe. Whew...thank goodness it was just his toe and not his foot. We have a busy month ahead of us.

I have FINALS coming up in these next two weeks. We're going to Las Vegas for a Dedication for my nephew and our Godson Greyson Josef Reyes. We're all looking forward to seeing family and having some fun in Vegas.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Konnor is learning how to write...very well

To my surprise my little man Konnor decided to write "MOM" and show me his progress. I was impressed. I knew that he's been practicing his writing skills, but he asked me how to spell "Mom" and "Mama" and went to his room and wrote it...and then brought it to me and showed me. My heart melted. It was so good....for a 3 year old of course! My boy is so smart. I love his progress and how much he's interested in learning. He's definitely my "Little Big Boy" (as we always say).