Thursday, July 28, 2005

Happy Birthday to ME!

Today is my 30th birthday. It was a normal day. I went to work. I've been having a lot of nausea lately and it's even hard for me to eat. Saltine crackers have been my best friend!

Tuesday, July 26, 2005


So my weekend was great! I was nervous about turning 30...being pregnant and not being able to celebrate the way I've always celebrated my birthdays. We had planned on taking a trip to Laughlin before we found out we were pregnant. Kevin, Maria and I went to Laughlin for the weekend. Little did I know it was a surprise birthday with some of our closest friends and family. I can't believe Kevin and Maria pulled something off so well...and I never had a clue!
Those who attended were:
Chris and Sherry, Daniel and Lora, Cynthia and Gerald, Joel and Marie, Brian and Amy, Manny, Maria...and even some of the TSK guys! (Jesse, Estelle, Mike P, Ethel, Finley and Sam)
We did some gambling, a lot of eating, jetskiing and relaxing. It was quite exhausting for me trying to stay up late, but I did pretty good. I even got a massage! A very much needed massage!
Thank you to those who surprised me and made my 30th birthday memorable.

Friday, July 15, 2005

First pre-natal appointment

I haven't been sleeping well the past few days. I know it's just the beginning and things will probably only get worse. Ahh..the "pains" of pregnancy. The heartburn, constipation, frequent urination and back pains are starting already.
Today was my first Dr. appt first thing in the morning. I met with my OBGYN, Dr. Robert Phillips. Off hand the Dr. couldn't tell if I was 5 wks or 8 wks since I'm so irregular. After doing an ultrasound I was actually earlier than they thought. It looked to be more like 5 wks. He suggested I come back in 2 weeks to do another ultrasound. All that was present today was the amniotic sac or "the water".
I was nervous and scared. I thought all kinds of negative thoughts. I needed to be positive though.
Just a lil' pea.

Friday, July 8, 2005

It's not a dream

I didn't sleep at all lastnight. I was nauseaous and hungry and I couldn't stop thinking about being pregnant. All kinds of thoughts were running through my head like the changes I had to make to have a healthy baby. I kept thinking to myself, "Oh my wasn't a dream....I really am pregnant."
I bought my first 2 pregnany books today during my lunch hour at work.

Thursday, July 7, 2005

We're having a BABY!

After weeks of eating everything in sight and sleeping almost all day long, I finally decided to take a pregnancy test. I woke up early this morning to go to the store to get a test. I came back home and took the test and it immediately turned positive. It wasn't as clear as I thought it would be so I didn't believe it. I called Maria right away and she said it had to be right. She bought me 2 more tests during lunch and I met her at her apt. I took another test and sure was bright and clear! I could not believe it. I was pacing and hyperventilating. The first thing I thought of was how I was going to surprise Kevin. I had to go back to work. It was so hard to concentrate the rest of the day. I immediately called my Dr. to make an appointment with her. She had room that same day. We again took another test and sure enough, the test turned positive quick! It's true!
I finally told Kevin over the phone cause I couldn't wait. He didn't believe me at all. I think he's still in shock. He came home and had bought me flowers and a cute card. I know deep down inside he's very happy and another part is scared.
We immediately told Grandma/Grandpa and Mama/Papa about the good news. We also told our closest friends.