Sunday, April 29, 2007

Konnor's first swim of the season

Konnor was so excited that he was able to play in the water and the pool today. Lucky for him, the weather was gorgeous as early as 9am. Daddy started to fill his pool for him. As soon as Konnor saw it, he wanted in! After 4 hours of playing outside in the pool and sprinkler, he finally called it quits and took a nap!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Summer Heat is here

Boy, it's really starting to get hot already. Today was almost 90 degrees. Kevin worked today. Konnor and I cleaned, played then took a nap(s). I've been trying hard to "nap when he naps." Although it seems I've been falling asleep before him! LOL We took a morning nap together. We then went over to Temecula Wine Country to pick up a bake brie bread for tomorrow. Grandpa and Grandma McMaster is coming for the day and they'll love the brie and bread. We came home and the house was baking! Since Konnor loves being in just his diaper, I let him! He played, we ate lunch and he played some more. Around 6pm he fell asleep. I thought it was just going to be a quick nap. Must be from the heat!'s 8:50pm now and he's STILL asleep. I should be sleeping too! Unfortunately I've got dishes and laundry to finish!

Friday, April 27, 2007

Feeling Good

I'm 5 weeks and 6 days today. It's going by fast already. I'm anxious now that I know what to expect throughout the pregnancy. I've been feeling good. No real nausea or any type of first trimester blues. (aka Morning Sickness) I'm hoping what they say is true..."second pregnancies are better than the first." I don't feel many symptoms as much as I did with Konnor. Peeing every half hour is probably the one I've got most. No weight gain, no sore boobs.....but I'm sure it'll hit me in the face any day now. "The joys of pregnancy" right?

Konnor is becoming "all boy" more and more each day. He has no fear. Loves to crawl, jump and climb EVERYTHING. He has turned our whole living room (and anything he can get his hands on) into a playground/jungle gym! Taking him out to the park to let him climb there is just not enough for him. Luckily he's a tough cookie. He doesn't cry when he falls. Nor does he cry at all. He whines. That's about it.

His favorite thing to do besides watch The Doodlebops and Hi-5 is dancing, singing (humming), riding in his Cozy Coupe, playing outside and he's starting to....RUN! Yup, run! It just seems like yesterday he started to walk. He also loves to look through his books while he turns his room upside down.

Today Konnor is 14months old!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I love Motherhood

And I'm not just saying that! I really do love everything about being a Mom. Even though I have countless sleepless nights, no time in the day for ME, can never sleep in, always tending to Konnor, picking up a mess of toys throughout the whole house.....nothing is better than hearing my son say, "Mom-Mom" when he wants my attention. Or jumping into my lap just to give me a hug. The bond I have with Konnor is priceless. Who knew I could love someone so much more than I love my husband? So much that he makes my heart melt everyday?

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

"Wow, that was quick!"

Today I had a Dr. appointment with NP Linda Clark. I love her. She's the best NP. I wish she was my Dr. Actually, I've seen her more than I've seen Dr. Boyatt. Anyways. I sat in the room waiting for NP Linda Clark. Konnor was waiting patiently as well. When Linda walked in she was smiling and said, "Wow...that was quick." The reason she said that was she had just seen me a little over 2 weeks ago for my annual "woman" check up. I had told her we were going to try to have another baby soon. At the same she said, "That would be wonderful, well hopefully your tests are all positive and you'll come back in 3 months telling me that you're pregnant." I am...2 weeks later and I'm PREGNANT! Little did we know we work so fast! LOL We went through the normal chat about my blood pressure and any other problems. She told me to schedule my prenatal appointment with Dr. Im and we'll go from there. Being that I'm a "high risk" patient, Dr. Im may not accept me as his patient and I will be referred to someone else. On top of that, I will have to deliver in Fallbrook or San Diego. That's fine with us because we wanted to deliver at Mary Birch. So we'll see what happens. Next appointment is: May 15th.

Kevin called for us to meet for lunch in Lake Elsinore. As Konnor and I drove up to Elsinore, I called Mom & Dad to give them the good news. Mom was extremely happy and said, "Thank goodness Dad is retired...all the Grandkids birthdays are all in a row." The meaning behind that is of the 3 grandkids they're birthdays are October, January and February. Now add December to the mix as my due date is: December 24th! Seems we'll all be together for Christmas!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Hanging out with Cousin Julian

Ed, Samana, Julian and Nicolas were in San Diego for the week. Konnor and I went to spend some time with them. First we went to the Swap Meet together. Then we spent a few hours picnicking at Ski Beach. The kids played in the sand and in the park. Konnor enjoys the park/beach so much. He's learning to play in the sand with buckets and shovels, but he also tends to put the sand in his mouth! YUCK! So strange, cause we have a sandbox at home that he plays in outside, but never tries to eat that sand. Hmm!?

After ski beach we went to Belmont Park. Julian and Konnor rode a few rides together. Konnor always points to the Merry Go Round when he sees one. We also spent some time on the boardwalk just basking in the sun and smelling that ocean fresh air!

Later as the kids all started to wind down, Konnor and I went to Grandpa/Grandma McMaster's house to relax. They had been out of town on a cruise. By then I too was EXHAUSTED! That pregnancy tiredness and fatigue was started to settle in already. Luckily Konnor was ready to relax and watch a few episodes of his Hi-5 and Doodlebops. So he did just that.

Every minute now I think to myself.."Oh my...Konnor is such a fireball right now, how am I going to cope with a newborn and Konnor?" YIKES!

Friday, April 20, 2007

"A Mother's Intuition"

I woke up this morning with the strangest feeling. I felt hungry...even though I had a huge dinner lastnight. There was something telling me there was "something" going on. I got up and got ready to shower. Thinking back on what our cat, Meka did lastnight was stuck in my head. When I got into bed lastnight, I threw the covers on and Meka came and started to get comfy next to me. Nothing strange, she sleeps in our bed all the time. But lastnight she kneaded for at least a minute or two before she layed down. I found it odd. The only other time she had done that to me before going to sleep was when I was pregnant with Konnor.

So as I got ready this morning, I looked at a pregnancy test that was in my drawer. I thought about taking it, but then again said, "Nah...I can't be pregnant." I went about my morning, got Konnor bathed and dressed. Then before I jumped in the shower I looked at the test again and said, "Well...I have been feeling odd lately, and I'm a week and a half late." So I went in the bathroom and took the test. Set it on the counter and before I could even turn around two pink lines appeared! "OH MY GOSH!" My mouth dropped and said, "No way!" Konnor was right next to me and he looked at me seeing me in awe! I put it aside and went in the shower. I came out of the shower and looked at the test again and YUP...still two lines! I was ecstatic at the same time..I was just really caught off guard. My immediate thought was to call Kevin but I decided to do something neat to tell him. But first, I wanted to take a second test.

I had plans to meet Stephanie, Erica and the kids at North County Fair so I told myself I'd stop and get another test on the way home. As I drove to Escondido I was still in such excitment. Still didn't call Kevin cause I knew I'd spill the beans if I spoke to him.

Could it have gotten any more pink? It's DEFINITELY POSITIVE!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Growth Spurt

Konnor is definitely going through some changes! Obviously he's growing EVERYDAY! His eating habits are changing daily, his naps times vary day to day but for the most part he always sleeps 11 hours through the night! *WHEW*

I enjoy that he's so musically inclined. He loves music. All kinds! Any time he hears a song, singing or any kind of melody he turns to look. Lately he's become "obsessed" with Hi-5 and The Doodlebops. They're both a singing show on TV. He has both DVDs and can watch them everyday. He even dances to them. We have the CD in the car too and he always dances, waves his hands in the air and everything. TOO CUTE...ya gotta see it!

I love the little things Konnor does. He used to hum himself to sleep when he was about 7-10 months. Then at 11months he started to pull his curls out. Sometimes that's the easiest way for me to put him to sleep is to play with his hair. He loves it! Also the way he calls "Mom Mom" or "Da Da" is the cutest. Makes my heart melt!

Today I stayed in to do a lot of work. But we had to step out to go to Costco. Konnor enjoyed it. He loved sampling food! LOL

Sunday, April 15, 2007

It's TAX Day

It was a gloomy Sunday. We all woke up early today and lounged around the house. It was good because usually we're on the go. We went to the Murrieta Block Party. Since it was cold and overcast we decided to "make it quick". Basically there was a little carnival and different vendors in old historic Murrieta.

Daddy played the "goldfish" game at the carnival and won Konnor 2 goldfish. Konnor was so happy because he loves the goldfish that Mama has at her house. So now he'll have his own.

We went grocery shopping and rented some movies and wanted to relax for the rest of the day.

From time to time Kevin and I look at Konnor and just gawk at how much he's grown. We're so proud of how much he has learned, experienced and explored. He's a great kid. I admit he's very attached to me. I love it!! We have that special bond not only because I carried him for 9 months but also because I'm home with him for most of the day, everyday. He's slowly getting that "seperation anxiety" thing everyone talks about. He used to be able to play with his toys all by himself. This past month he won't. He always wants me to be playing with him. He constantly wants my attention and sometimes it's so hard. All in all he's the wonderful little boy I could ever ask for!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Yeah Baby Expo

Today Konnor and I went to the Yeah Baby Expo at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. We met up with Tiffany and went together. Konnor enjoyed the Baby Expo. He got attention from so many people. We also got his headshots taken while we were hopes to get into something for his adorable face! (Of course I'm biased!) We also met Dr. Laura, Dr., Author. She gave Konnor a lollipop (which he has never had before) until now. And boy did he like it! It was so cute to see him licking it like a big boy. Eventually I had to take it away from him because it was just getting too messy.

After the Expo we went to lunch at Island's. Of course it was one of Konnor's day where he didn't want to eat anything. Chicken strips and french fries usually are a definite meal, but then again he also has his days where he doesn't want to do anything except graze all day long. So of course...we had leftovers AGAIN. Afterwards we headed back home to Murrieta. It seemed to have been a long day for Konnor because he fell asleep by 8pm that night. Great for me! Gives me a chance for "Mommy time" and to do things like this on the computer!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Happy Friday!

Ew. Friday the 13th! Our Friday began bright and early. Konnor was able to wake up without having to watch tv all morning. We had a playdate at 10am that we had to make it to. I didn't want to be late. It was a train theme playdate at Amy and Jack's house. Thomas the Tank Engine EVERYWHERE! It reminded me of Julian's room! Today Konnor even sat on a "big boy" swing all by himself.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

No more bottles!

Konnor is officially off the bottle! He hasn't really looked for it in the past few weeks, but we kinda just gave it to him. He's had an easy transition from bottle to sippy cups to using straws! We slowly stopped giving him a bottle and realized he had no problems. So last week we decided to see what would happen if we didn't give it to him. And luckily...everything went well. He's even starting to go to bed without a bottle or milk!

Monday, April 9, 2007

Late to the Playdate

With Konnor's growth spurt, he's been napping at different times now. And his naps are typically 2-3 hours long! Wondferful...except when we had planned to be at a playdate! We were an hour late! Konnor met a new friend at the playdate today at Winchester Park. Caitlyn. She's a total cutie! She too is half filipina and half white. She just turned 2. Konnor enjoyed playing (and eating) the sand today at the park. YUCK. He also played with Jack and Chase. He is such a boy now. Loves playing with trucks, getting dirty and being independent. Even the other Mommies were surprised to see how independent he has become.

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Konnor's 1st Eggstravaganza

Today we celebrated Easter. We woke up bright and early to be at the Murrieta Eggstravaganza on time. Grandpa and Grandma McMaster also came up to celebrate with us. It was Konnor's first egg hunt! We had a pancake breakfast at the park, then played in the park and then the egg hunt began for Konnor's age group. We waited in line. Konnor just watched all the other kids with their baskets. He got the hang of it pretty quickly.

Friday, April 6, 2007

April Already?

It’s already April! It’s so tough to remember to take some time to blog or journal. Konnor has been so needy and active lately. It’s as though needs me in his sight. Many times he wants me to play with him or he’ll whine. He’s been good at whinning and throwing tantrums lately. It’s almost scary to think he could be starting his “terrible two’s” kind of early. I hope not. What I love so much lately though is when he says, “Mom-Mom” as he points to something he wants. Many times it’s food! LOL But he’ll say “Mom-Mom” almost with a questioned faced. It’s so adorable. And if I am not paying attention…he will be sure to keep at it to get my attention! He has also discovered his ears, nose and belly button. He likes to point to your nose, ears and belly button too.