Friday, December 30, 2005

Goodbye 2005...Hello 2006

Currently 30 weeks and 4 days.
Oh what a year. Kevin and I got married and are now expecting our first child. How exciting. 2005 was an amazing year. We had tons of "new" experiences in our life. And now we'll enter the New Year with even more excitement and experiences. We already have plans for our 2006 year. Not just with Baby M coming into our lives...but some other plans we'll announce later!
Just another added chapter of our lives...

On another note..."No sweets, no starchy foods…."
I can't believe it. I never thought I'd have to worry about something like this. Just got a call from my Dr.'s office saying that my glucose tets came back too high. In other words...."gestational diabetes". Basically my body isn't able to use the sugar in my blood as well as it should. Right now I'm "borderline" so hopefully I can manage it. So from now on I'm supposed to monitor my sugar levels. I also should be staying away from "sugars" and "starchy" foods. OH GREAT! My two favorite things! Hopefully after monitoring it for awhile things will be fine.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Merry Christmas!

Happy Holidays to everyone. This Christmas will be a quiet Christmas with just Kevin and I. We'll have my brother, sister in law and nephew over tomorrow. We'll have to enjoy this Christmas for it will be our last Christmas Holiday..."just the two of us". Next year we'll be an exciting baby's 1st Christmas! Can't wait.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

9th prenatal Costochondritis

Ever heard of it? neither!
At my appointment, I had the routine check up. Weight, heartbeat, questions..etc. Everything checked out fine. Still not much weight gain. Just a pound from the last appointmen. Dr. Phillips gave me my results from the ultrasound on my pains I was having. He said it was good news that it wasn't gallstones. WHEW! What he thinks it may be is something called "costochondritis". Nothing can be done to make it go away or make it better. Basically it is an inflammation of the cartiliage around the rib cage. Not sure how it occurs or why, but he says it could be because of the uterus pushing up into the chest walls. Gee whiz! Does it ever end when being pregnant? Like us women don't have enough aches and pains while pregnant?
It hurts even when I'm not doing anything. But hurts more when I cough, sneeze, move a certain way, bend,'s never ending!! Sometimes it's painful pain, others it's a painful burning or stinging sensation. Either sucks! So a heating pad and Tylenol is the best thing for it.

29 weeks

Time is flying and I have had 2 appts with Dr. Phillips since Dec. 6th. Things have been a bit odd here and there, but everything is going well. I've gained a pound..YAY! My belly is still the same size around. It's starting to feel a bit more exhausting and heavy when doing things around the house, moving in bed and sometimes walking. The nursery is pretty much done minus a few decorations Kevin still has to put up. We start our Childbirthing Classes January 3rd. We're waiting anxiously for the arrival of our baby....

Sunday, December 18, 2005

OUCH! Abdominal Pains!

I was in OB Triage yesterday for about 5 hours. For the past 3-4 days I've been having painful chest pains. Well, not really in my chest, but more around the right side of my rib cage. I ignored it for awhile and just figured it was "another one of thse pregnancy pains". But after so many days I decided to check in with the Triage nurse to see what I could do for relief. When I explained what my symptoms were, the Triage Nurse told me to come in right away. I drove myself into Triage since Kevin was at work. When I checked in, the nurses told me Dr. Phillips was on duty that night. Good! They hooked me up to the stress monitor and all the other machines to monitor Baby and I. My Dr. came in and thought it may be gallstones. OUCH! So they did blood work and an ultrasound right away. The blood work came back negative, but the ultrasound was taking longer. After being there for 5 hours, my Dr. suggested I go ahead and go home, rest and take it easy. I had a schedule appointment with him in 2 days anyways.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Our 8th Prenatal Appointment

Just a quick checkup. 28 weeks. My ribs have been hurting a lot still. Dr. suggested to stop wearing an underwire bra and start wearing sports bras for comfort.
No weight gain change.

Tuesday, December 6, 2005

We Made it! Happy Birthday Daddy!

Currently: 27 wks 1 day
We're heading into our 3rd Trimester. YAY! We had an ultrasound today on Kevin's bday. Everything went well. Baby "M" is growing well on schedule. Baby weighed in at 2lbs 3 oz. The technician gave us a CD of all the images taken during the ultrasound. We also got some 3D pictures. Baby seems to have a filipino nose already and big lucious lips!
I've been having bad back and hip pains which I'm sure is just "part of pregnancy". I've also had horrific abdominal pains. I've had it for 3 days now so I decided to call the Triage nurse and she told me it could be Braxton Hicks Contractions. YIKES!
As of today, I've gained a total of 3lbs in weight and approximately 6 1/2 inches in my waist!