Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas 2008

We had a quiet Christmas at our home with the kids. Kevin's parents came up for a few hours in the morning and left by noon. We opened presents and watched the kids enjoy opening gifts and playing with their new toys.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Our trip to the Bay Area

Kameron's 1st plane ride. My first time traveling on the plane by myself with TWO kids.

Kevin had a business trip to Florida for a week, so we decided to go to my parents house in the Bay for the week. I was a bit nervous traveling with TWO kids, but it went pretty good. Konnor was pretty behaved (surprised!) and Kameron enjoyed every minute. He loved the plane ride.

I'm a big kid now!

My baby boy...Konnor is a BIG KID NOW! He's officially potty trained! YAY!!! What a relief for us. It was a great Thanksgiving gift to us all! He has been in pull ups since May 2008. He had showed us signs of being interested in potty training so I thought it would all come soon. Well, we had some relapses and some days when he did a great job. But on Thanksgiving morning he told me he didn't want to wear pull ups! I was so excited and shocked.

So I put on training underwear (instead of the training pull ups). We had one accident through the day...but that was it! He loved his "big boy" underwear. So I told him that if he did good, by the end of the week we'd go to Target to buy him some more "big boy" underwears. At his request, he wanted "Handy Manny" underwear.

The day went on and he did it!!! By the end of the was over. NO MORE PULL UPS!!