Saturday, March 31, 2007


Konnor has officially said “Da-Da” and meant it. Although he said it all day long. He has been saying “Ma-Mom” since about 10 ½ months. Daddy has been waiting anxiously for him to say “Da-Da”. When he said it, he was trying to wake Kevin up in bed. Kevin woke up in such surprise to hear it. It really made his day. I know how he must've felt because I felt it too. Any milestones and accomplishments Konnor reaches I feel so proud and happy for him. I'm so in love with him that no matter how little or big the special thing he does, says or learns just makes me the "Happiest Mommy on the Block!"

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

13 months!

Time is flying by! It seems like we just celebrated Konnor’s 1st birthday and here it is…already a month later. He’s becoming a character more everyday. He is so smart and really picks up on things quick. He loves to show you what an airplane does. He loves to hold his hand by his ear and pretend he’s on the phone. He walks all over the house constantly and talks! His eating habits are getting better. He’s eating (some) vegetables now. He still LOVES French fries and chicken nuggets. He’s also transitioning with the bottle. I’ve only been giving him a bottle in the morning and at night. I’m pretty sure I can go cold turkey with it and he’d be fine. He doesn’t like the sippy cup too much. He’d rather just use a straw.
I’ve been spending more time reading books with him. His attention spand is quite short so he doesn’t really allow me to finish a book! LOL His new thing…giving a “high five” versus just a five. LOL
He's now weighing: 23 lbs 8 oz and is 30 1/2 inches in height. He's become so active since he started cruising so the Dr. says he's still in the 95 percentile.