Sunday, January 30, 2011

Outstanding Student

So we're going on the 4th week of school for Konnor. It's been a great experience for him as he enters EAK. He has been eager to wake up in the morning and go to school. He's excited to tell us about what he learns at school. We can tell he's ready to be challenged because he already knew a lot of the things he has learned in the past week. That doesn't stop him from exceling. His teacher, Mr. Long is happy to have him in his class. Each weekly report has been "Outstanding" with wonderful comments from his teacher.

Even though it's sometimes hard to believe that our boy is such a great listener at school and such an outstanding student, it makes us happy. I guess many kids are "different" at home versus the way they are at school. What a way to make parents PROUD!

Mommy's Little Helper

It's great that I can now start giving the boys chores other than cleaning up their toys. They love doing things that make them feel they are helping. One of Kameron's new chore is feeding Meka. He checks overtime he is in the kitchen and always gives Meka a treat.
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Friday, January 28, 2011

Lessons to Raising a son

A quote my cousin Joel shared with me :

"1. Be around 2. Be his father, not his friend. If you don't understand the diference, imagine his confusion when you discipline him. 3. Be a good husband. Show his mom respect @ all times. 4. Be home for dinner. 5. Be his hero --Harry Harrison Jr."

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New Buddies

Looks like someone found a new place to sleep. Since we moved into the new place, our cat Meka has not come into Kameron's room unless I was in there. Lately, we've notice she's been sleeping with Kameron...on the nights he sleeps in his own room.(Which will be a topic for another post)
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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Konnor, always our entertainer

Came across an old video of KONNOR entertaining the whole entire mall. Guess he was always our "entertainer" since he was young. Thanks to my sister for capturing this.

This was taken at a mall, well the only mall in Hemet, CA. Hemet Valley Mall

Sprinkles Cupcakes comes to San Diego

Of course I had to make a trip to our local Sprinkles store now that I don't have to wait til I'm in Arizona for my fix. After dropping off Konnor at school this morning, Kameron and I headed over to La Jolla. Through traffic on the 52, thick fog throughout the drive..we made it to the parking lot 10 minutes after they opened...and yes, there was already a line!!

Since I had tried most of the flavors before, I decided to try something different. The cupcake haul from this trip: Red Velvet (my fave), Chocolate coconut, Vanila-Milk Chocolate with sprinkles, Choclate Marshmellow and Peanut Butter chocolate.

Of course we waited til we got home to devour these. I had to do my best to save the Chocolate Coconut ones for Kevin. I must say, we love Sprinkles as we do our other local cupcake stores here.

Thank you for FINALLY opening a store in San Diego! You'll be seeing us again...SOON!

Monday, January 10, 2011

First Day of School: Konnor

Oh my! Is it that time already? Konnor started his first day of school today at Pride Academy. Bless his little heart, he was so excited and anxious to begin. We've always known he needed a challenge as he learned things fairly quickly. We were happy to hear that the Santee school district offered EAK (Early Acceptance to Kindergarten). Once we enrolled Konnor he counted down the days.

Although it was a scary feeling for us as parents, Konnor showed nothing but enthusiasm. First day of school was orientation. Parents were able to sit with the students, meet other students and parents, get to know the teacher and the curriculum.

We are excited knowing that Konnor is excited to be starting school. I'll have to get used to my baby boy being gone for half the day, while Kameron and I are home together. But it's great to know that Konnor will be with other kids and learning more. My biggest concern is that he doesn't get "too bored" with pre-school information he'll be relearning at the beginning of the class.